ATG 8: Salaries

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Should player salaries be changed in ATG 8?

Yes, they should
No, salaries should not change
Total votes : 98

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ATG 8: Salaries

PostThu May 01, 2014 4:35 pm

For those of you who have not already seen, please read the blog post here before voting. It is also copied below.

Please vote on whether or not you would like to see player salaries changed when ATG 8 is released.

Hey guys,

I want to let everyone know that we are in the beginning stages of a new All-Time Greats 8 player set. Adding new players to ATG has been a significant concern for the ATG community and new players will be added when ATG 8 is released. One of the biggest possible changes to ATG 8 is what I'm discussing here today. Salaries.

ATG salaries have not been changed for some time, since before the game has been on our site. Although the current pricing model does a good job at accurately representing a player's value, some believe it's time to make a change. However before we go ahead and do so we are asking you. Do you want player salaries to be changed?

This doesn't mean drastic changes will be made, Ruth will not all of a sudden be worth less than Duke Snider... But players salaries will change and some players may see a shift in their value. We are contemplating a number of different options on how to change salaries including valuing certain attributes more/less or also pricing based on player usage and how often they are drafted. However the main question is if salaries should be changed in the first place so we are opening that up to you.

I have set up a poll here for you to vote on whether or not you would like to see salaries changed in a new version of ATG. We are not expecting consensus one way or the other but will use the results of this to help determine whether or not a change will be made.

Having said all that, please do not expect the new ATG 8 to be here tomorrow. We are still in the beginning stages meaning new players, possible features, and of course new salaries have not yet been determined. However we do expect to release this player set later this year.

I hope all ATG user participate in the voting! That's all I have for today, if anyone has any questions please e-mail us at Talk to everyone next Thursday!


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