ATG Featured Shuffled Player Set

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ATG Featured Shuffled Player Set

PostThu Apr 17, 2014 3:04 pm

New To Baseball Online!

Featured ATG 7 Random Player Sets

Starting today, we're featuring a particular new ATG 7 Shuffled player set that you'll find on the "Start Your Team" page. You can find it right below the standard ATG 7 subsets. In what we hope to be the first of many, this new random player set will be featured both on our website and here on the forums to encourage people to try this. We will even promote specific live draft leagues with this player set on the website.

Random player sets automatically mix up the talent level of each player set and provide for a new game experience every time. This set specifically includes 1,000 and 80 different ballparks. The main benefit from these random sets is the new challenge it brings to leagues, especially those with Live Draft and unlimited caps.

Not everyone will have superstar teams, even in large caps. And with unlimited caps, you still don't need to worry about budgeting. Just draft the best team you can from the available group of players.

No longer is Babe Ruth the automatic 1st overall pick. In fact, Ruth may not even be available! You must balance your knowledge of the cards into a brand new player set with limited options compared to a full ATG 7 league.

In this specific player set, 1912 Tris Speaker becomes the most expensive player.

1930 Gabby Harnett becomes the top catcher in the set.

The aforementioned Babe Ruth? Only his pitching card is included.

You can find the full player set here.

We hope to continue more of these sets in the future and perhaps may create Live Draft leagues based on these Featured Random Player Sets. Some sets may be random such as this, others may be limited by maximum salary, specific ballparks only, or perhaps even hidden player sets until draft time! Whether we continue these or not depends on you and how well they're received.

So go ahead and try a new player set and challenge! Good luck!


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