Live Draft is Now Available

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Live Draft is Now Available

PostFri Jan 24, 2014 12:03 pm

Strat-O-Matic Baseball Online's new Live Draft feature is officially live!

Effective immediately, you may now choose to draft your new teams via Live Draft! Our new Live Draft feature lets you take turns picking players in real time with the other teams in your league, and even chat with them along the way!

Our new Live Draft was built from the ground up, specifically designed for Strat-O-Matic Baseball Online, which means that for the first time, it supports whatever salary cap your league is using, you can choose the specific card you want from a given ATG 7 player's multiple available years, and it features the same robust player search and filter options that you're used to in the game. As a bonus, it even works on the iPad and other mobile devices!

When you create a new team, you now have the choice between Auto List Draft - the standard way you've been drafting - and the new Live Draft. You'll choose the salary cap you wish to play under in either case. Those of you who were used to live drafting on our old website with an unlimited cap may have the same experience by choosing the new $999M salary cap option.

If you choose the Live Draft option, you'll be immediately invited to join an existing Live Draft league, or create a new one. If you create a new one, you'll serve as Commissioner of the league, which lets you schedule the start time of your Live Draft and customize the amount of time each turn lasts during the draft, as well as perform a few in-draft administrative functions.

Note that you may convert any existing undrafted Auto List Draft team you have into a Live Draft team (and vice versa) by first backing out of your incomplete league (if any) and then changing your draft type.

Technical requirements, Troubleshooting

While our new Live Draft has been designed to be much more reliable than the one on our old site, it's still a complex piece of software, so care must be taken to assure you'll be able to run it in your web browser and have a smooth experience.

Before participating in a Live Draft, make sure you:

1. Go over the Live Draft info page in full.

2. Try out a Mock Draft, even if only for a few minutes, to familiarize yourself with the interface, and to make sure your browser/device is able to run it. Our Mock Drafts are free and always instantly ready to jump into whenever you are.

If you are having any issues during a Live Draft, alert the Commissioner of your league immediately, ideally in the chat section of the draft. Commissioners have the ability to pause the draft in the case of issues that need to be worked out, and even rewind the draft to any previous pick. If you are the Commissioner of your Live Draft league, you'll be responsible for using your powers to resolve issues fairly (e.g. if someone makes a pick that violates one of your league's custom rules) and accommodating any managers that may have missed a pick due to technical issues.

We don't expect you to have technical difficulties once you get the Live Draft up and running, but if you do, reload the page. The draft is constantly sending updates back and forth over the internet so it relies on a stable connection, without which it may lose contact with our servers. If your draft clock stops running or the page is otherwise unresponsive, reloading the page should help re-establish contact.

Note: At this time, participating in 2 or more Live Drafts at the same time is highly discouraged, because the chat section of the draft will not work accurately if you have 2 or more open at once.

Future improvements

Although we are proud of having designed and built this new Live Draft from the ground up, we realize that it has the potential to be even better. We've already surpassed the experience of the previous incarnation of our Live Draft, with a much improved interface tailor-made for SOM Baseball Online. But we do have plans to improve it even further, including giving the Commissioner more customization options, expanding the Queue system, and allowing for more casual drafts.

Suggestions are always welcome! Let us know what ideas you have for improving the Live Draft by sending us an email at

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