league problem w/ salary cap - fix needed please!

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league problem w/ salary cap - fix needed please!

PostTue Jan 07, 2014 7:03 pm

In the 2012 season, "Pitchers & Catchers" we encountered a glitch w/ our salary cap calculations after the waiver draft this evening. For example, my team (Colorado Crush) is being allowed to spend over $84.5 mil while we have an $80 cap. I noticed the problem after the waiver results posted. My first waiver claim was awarded, picking up Alex Gordon and releasing Ichiro. However, when I looked at my roster, post draft, I saw that not only did I have Gordon on my team, but Ichiro was also still on my roster. My other claims we through properly. I released Ichiro after noticing the issue hoping it would resolve the issue...however, all it did was allow me cap space up around that $84.5 mil level I mentioned. I sent a league wide note to the other owners to see if they were also having issues and received several responses back that they had. I also sent an email to online support regarding this issue, but thought I would post a message here too so hopefully we can rectify the problem in as timely a manner as possible. Thanks.

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