Superstar Sixties to Debut Tomorrow!

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Superstar Sixties to Debut Tomorrow!

PostWed Jul 31, 2013 2:48 pm

The new Superstar Sixties mystery game will be launching tomorrow!

647 players from the '60s will be included in this brand new player set. The player set will be available for us tomorrow. An announcement will be made at that time with a link to the new game and to the Excel Spreadsheet for player stats and salaries. Roster rules and draft requirements for the Superstar Sixties can be found on the rules page here.

As I mentioned last week a few changes have been made to the lineups feature for ALL Mystery Game player sets. Read more about that below:

For all new Mystery Card leagues that are not drafted as of Wednesday, July 31 at 11:01pm ET (including Superstar Sixties, The '70s Game, Back to the '80s, Back to the '90s), the following changes to how the game engine handles pre-game lineup substitutions will take effect.

Selecting players from the bench

In the event that the usual Lineup Depth Chart logic cannot determine a specific player to start at a given position, OR the position is left blank in your lineup preferences, the game engine will now choose a substitution from the bench based on highest salary. Previously, such a substitution would be made based on overall card value (offense + defense), but it's been long pointed out that that method gives clues as to which of the player's 5 Mystery Cards you have.

Batting order

Previously, in the event of substitutions, the game engine would re-order the lineup in general offense value, which also would give clues towards the identity of your players' Mystery Cards. This re-ordering will not happen anymore for new Mystery Card leagues.

Instead, the game engine will first take all healthy starters in your lineup preferences, plus defensive positions where the usual Lineup Depth Chart logic found intended backups for any injured starters, and push them to the top of the lineup, preserving their relative order. Then, for any defensive positions in the lineup that the game engine had to choose a substitution based on salary, the game engine will place them behind the first group of players, in the following specific position order:

CF, 2B, DH (if any), 1B, RF, 3B, LF, C, SS, P (if any)


- If you leave your lineup completely blank, the game engine will select a full lineup with the highest combined salary, and order them exactly as above: CF, 2B, DH (if any), etc.

- If you have a full lineup set, but your 1B (batting 5th) is injured, but your listed backup at 1B is healthy, the backup will start at 1B and bat in the same slot in the lineup: 5th.

- If you have a full lineup set, but your 1B, and all his Lineup Depth Chart backups, are injured, the game engine will choose a 1B from your bench based on salary, and put him last in the lineup (in front of the Pitcher, if applicable).

- You set your lineup to be 3. Mays (CF), 6. Mathews (3B), 8. McCovey (1B), and all other slots/positions blank. Mathews is injured for the game, but you have Sal Bando listed as your first backup 3B. In this case, the game engine would move Mays (CF), Bando (3B), McCovey (1B) to 1-2-3, and then the rest of the lineup behind them will be 2B, DH (if any), RF, LF, C, SS, P (if any).


- This change does not apply to non-Mystery Card sets (ATG, 2012, 1999, etc.), nor does it apply to existing Mystery Card leagues that have drafted before Wednesday, July 31 at 11:01pm ET.

- This change does not apply to substitutions in the middle of a game.

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