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Fielding Stats

PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 7:00 pm
by kev

No clue how this process work but figured I would throw this out there. I would love to have greater insight into fielding stats such as:

1- opposing baserunner opp/adv/out as a way to see how OF Arms impact.
2- distinction between throwing and non throwing errors
3- some sort of breakdown of the X Tot/Out
4- some stats on H/out caused form holding runner and that fielder needs to handle.

for the second last one, It boils down to out or not but from what I understand the range of 1 vs 5 impact the type of play. For example did the 1 turn a DP or just record an out. I always seem to get stuck with spending too much on D and would like to see the impact of D better. the Fielding % is useless.