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League Communication Before Live Draft

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:15 am
by Snakefinger
Sent this to Strat HQ today...

Thoughts on live draft leagues. I’m currently waiting to do my first live draft. Fairly experienced otherwise with this and a previous member status. Just never tried live draft.

Anyway, I understand why there isn’t a more robust emailing function on your site, as it would inevitably invite poor behavior in a number of ways. Bullying or whatever, spam, etc.

However, my current league has been ready for the commissioner to schedule the draft since before the weekend (DUMP TRUMP 2020 is the league - 60s mystery cards). No sign of the commish yet.

I think that once a league has been assembled, if it’s a live draft league communication amongst the managers including the commissioner ought to be possible. Can this change be implemented?

I’d like to be able to communicate scheduling constraints before the commissioner unilaterally sets the draft time. Maybe discussion of other predraft issues would be nice (time between picks, draft order, trading of picks or whatever).