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"squeeze" plays

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 11:19 am
by racingroyr
I wish some attention would be given to the frequency that HAL uses the squeeze play. Even with a conservative bunting setting used it is a virtual certainty that the squeeze will be used with a runner on third and less than two outs. I would like to see an option for using this play so as to more closely mirror the real life frequency of a squeeze play being used.

Re: "squeeze" plays

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2020 1:03 am
by coyote303
I puzzled over this when I first read it because I haven't found this to be true. Then it occurred to me maybe this is the reason...

In addition to setting my bunt rating to conservative, I set any hitter that is rated C for bunting to never bunt (on the hitters preference page). Also, I do the same for a good hitter with a B bunt rating. So, few of my hitters will ever bunt at all, much less do a squeeze.

Re: "squeeze" plays

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:14 pm
by kenhutchings
In the Windows version of the game (which I guess would also apply to the 365 version), there is a 61% probability of the runner scoring on a suicide squeeze with an A rated bunter. It is a good percentage play; so good, in fact, that I've had occasions where, with 0 outs and runners on second and third, an unsuccessful squeeze play occurred, so the runner on third is out, but the runner on second advances and the same A rated bunter is at bat, but now with one out and a runner on third. Once again, the squeeze play is called, and this time it is successful.

There really isn't much of a defense in SOM that you can employ in this situation. In real life, a manager anticipating a squeeze play would call for a pitchout. It would be nice to have an option to allow for an occasional pitchout in order to decrease the probability of a successful squeeze for the opposing team.

As one who grew up in Southern California and saw a number of Dodger and Angel games, one of the most exciting games I ever attended was a walk off extra inning victory by the Dodgers against the Mets where Bill Russell executed a suicide squeeze play. ... -play.html