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I wish...

PostSat Jul 28, 2018 2:25 pm

SOM has an excellent product, and the online game has let me complete many seasons...something I was unable to do back in the days when I played cards and dice. However, the product could be so much better with little effort on their part. These are the things I wish for:

1. I wish they would actually read this subforum. Or, if they do, acknowledge they do by commenting occasionally on ideas presented.

2. I wish they would communicate better in general. A while back, this did get better with Garcia's Blog. He would regularly come out with an interesting and informative article. This year, in the heart of baseball season, it's been almost three months since he put out a column. And, of course, even when he does a column it's one-way communication--no replies allowed.

3. I wish they would police team names. A while back, I read about a manager with an offensive name that was allowed. In my most recent league, there was a team name that was pure political commentary. I play SOM in part to get away with the garbage going on in the country. I don't need a daily reminder of politics when I'm playing Strat-O-Matic. Sure some would shriek "censorship," but I think maintaining a friendly atmosphere is more important.

4. I wish they would update player card sets for pricing. Pricing for some of the old mystery card sets is abysmal for some players. For example, though I haven't played the 70s set in years, I still remember Roger Repoz being horribly overpriced even for his best season.

5. I wish they would replace years as they get updated with superadvanced cards (e.g., 1968). My decision to pick up a pitcher should be based on his performance, not how many seasons have groundball A's on his card.

6. I wish they would fix the forum so it wouldn't log you out so frequently. Also, when you hit reply (and you're not logged in) not have it send you to a dead-end page saying forum doesn't exist.

7. I wish the time the leagues ran games would be more consistent. I appreciate that waivers are run at precisely 5 p.m. Eastern Time. However, there is about a 90-minute window when games get played. Why?


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Re: I wish...

PostSun Dec 30, 2018 5:57 pm

All excellent points.

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