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Abso Wish List Item

PostFri Nov 18, 2016 5:15 pm

When we played the board game back in the day, (got my first game in the mid-sixties)-- in 1979, six of us took the historical teams that went to the real world series, divivded them up to do a 64 team world series playoff-- 32 worlds series, to 16, to 8, to 4 to 2 and then a champion of champions. We had the original ATG historical sets, and added as many of the modern teams that we had. To setup the 64 team bracket, we setup random matchups, and then drew team names...
This of course took a long time to do, and we were short a couple of world series teams, so we added a few pennant winners that did not get to the World Series---

So it would be great to setup a league whereby owners would take the actual world series teams and have playoff to determine the best team as per above.

Incidentally, just for FYI, we did complete our playoff (took several months) and had some incredible match ups, and some unexpected surprises.

One of the best series was the 1931 Athletics vs the 1973 Athletics--it went 7 games, went to extra innings in the final game, with the winning run being scored with 2 outs and the runner on 2nd, Bing Miller, taking home on a card draw to win the game (it was a single to CF, Billy North)

Well as the field of 64 teams thinned out, we had some very interesting surprises. We had added the following pennant winning teams to fill out the 64, as we were short 4 teams so we added the 69 Twins, the 78 Dodgers, the 77 Phils and then threw in the 1961 Tigers just because.

Well here were some of the surprises---the 27 Yankees were eliminated in the 2nd round by none other than 54 Indians, the 1940 Reds beat the 1961 Yankees in the same round.

But the real surprise was the final....one of our added teams made it through---the 69 Twins had an incredible run, and faced the 31 Athletics in the final. It went 7 games, with Twins winning on an 8th inning HR by Tony Oliva. Oliva was just on fire for the whole tournament.

Though in real life, that 69 Twins team lost to the Orioles in the playoff, the team was loaded with great players (many who played in the world series for other teams)-- J. Roseboro, C. Nettles, R. Perranoski and R. Dempsey.......and had a killer lineup with hitters such as Killebrew (49 HRs that year), Oliva (.309 BA with 101 RBIs), R. Carew (.332 BA that year), R. Reese (.322 BA), and a boatload of quality pitchers that in their career won 20 + games in a season (J. Perry, J. Kaat, D. Boswell, D. Chance) and a killer pen with Perranoski, Hall and Worthington.

So would be great to able to do that with on-line strat---have a world series playoff for the best historical team...


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Re: Abso Wish List Item

PostTue Nov 29, 2016 11:57 pm

that does sound like a good time. You could even expand it by allowing a manager to pick one of their past teams and go against everyone else's in the same format.


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Re: Abso Wish List Item

PostWed Nov 30, 2016 12:04 am

2cityfan and I have both created multiple "championship team tournaments" with the current (and previous) ATG sets.

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