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Pesos league chat/trade discussion

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:47 am
by fredpaii
Old board links (our league)- http://forum.onlinegames.strat-o-matic. ... 8&t=628638

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googledoc - ... =554148815


We are a leashed league...meaning no unleashed cards are ever permitted for play. However, any unleashed player may be drafted.

Intial Draft:

1) The intial draft is a 41 round live draft. Rounds 1 through 40 are for players; Round 41 is for the Stadium.
2) Any player that has had an AB or thown a pitch in the Majors, and is signed to an MLB team is eligible.
3) The initial draft is serpentine; all subsequent Free Agent drafts are non-serpentine based upon the previous season's reular season's records. Draft picks are tradeable.

Prospect drafts:

1) There are 2 prospect drafts during each season. CHANGED
2) The first yearly prospect draft is 2 rounds, to be held immediately after each year's Spring Free Agent draft. CHANGED
3) The second yearly prospect draft is 2 ounds, to be held immediately after each year's Supplemental Free Agent draft. CHANGED
4) Only those players without MLB experience signed by MLB teams are eligible for any prospect draft.
5) The initial prospect draft is serpentine. Draft order for this inital Prospect draft will be the reverse of the draft order for the Initial Free Agent draft. All subsequent prospect drafts are non-serpentine, and sdraft order is based on the previous season's regular season records.
6) Owners lose rights to all prospects that they release;Released prospects are eligible to be drafted as either a) Free Agents if they were issued SOM cards or b) prospects again if never issued SOM cards.
7) There is no clock for Round 1 of each prospect draft. All subsequent rounds will operate with a 3 hour clock.
8) Individual owners are responsible for their own prospect research.

1) There is ONE annual Spring Prospect draft of four rounds. No other prospect drafts will occur for the calender year.

Supplemental Free Agent drafts:

1) A Supplemental Free Agent draft of up to 3 rounds will be held between seasons 1 and 2 of each calendar year.
2) All owners must announce their roster drops (up to 3) prior to the Supplemental draft.
3) Owners may draft no more than 3 players; Owners are not required to draft any players during the Supplemental draft.
4) Supplemental Free Agent drafts are non-serpentine; Supplemental Free Agent draft order is determined by the previous season's regular season record.
5) There is no clock for Round 1 of the Supplemental Free Agent draft. All subsequent rounds will operate with a 3 hour clock.
6) The Supplemental Free Agent draft is only 3 rounds. Owners with less than a full roster may use the Supplemental Free Ahent draft to get back to a 40 man roster provided they can do it within 3 rounds. There will never be more than 36 picks made in the Supplemental draft.
7) Only players with MLB experience prior to the current season are eligible to be picked.

Annual Spring Free Agent drafts:

1) A non-serpentine free agent draft of at least 10, and up to 15 rounds, will be held each year shortly after SOM cards are released. Draft order is determined by cumulative won/loss records. Worst to first, NFL style.
2) All owners must drop enough players to bring their rosters to a mximum of 30 players allowing for 10 draft picks; Owners can drop below 30 players, but must not have less than 25 prior to the draft.
3) Player drops must be announced prior to the beginning of the Free Agent draft.
4) All owners must have a full 40 man roster upon completion of the annual Spring Free Agent draft.
5) There is no clock for Round 1 of each Annual Free Agent draft. All subsequent rounds will operate with a 3 hour clock.[/b]
6) Only players with MLB experience prior to the current season are eligible to be picked.

General rules:

1) There will be 2 seasons played each year; Season 1 will begin after the Intial spring free agent draft - Season 2 will begin in August.
2) Divisional assignments will change each season. The format is this: a) initial divisional assignments will follow the general 1-4-7-10 East, 2-5-8-11 Central, and 3-6-9-12 West.
3) Cumulative team records will determine the divisional assignments for Season 1 of each new year.
4) Divisional assignemnts for season 2 each year will be determined by the final won/loss records of the previous season.
5) All transactions must be posted on the individual leage thread.
6) The league Commish shall maintain a recond of all drafts, transactions, player movemnents, and provide a copy to any owner on request.
7) All ties between teams will be broken by the previous season's head to head win/loss records. If this does not break the tie, cumulative win/loss head to head records will be used.
8) ***SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLE***You cannot trade draft choices that you do not own. This means that if you trade a 9th round draft pick, you must release as many players as necessary to insure that you will have a 9th round pick. For example, you have a 40 man roster, and you have acquired an extra 2nd, 3rd, and 6th round draft picks during the year. You have also traded away a 7th and 9th round draft pick. This means you must release at least 12 players prior to the draft to insure that you will have a 9th round pick. If you plan to continue drafting beyond Round 9 you will have to release an additional player for each subsequent round. You cannot drop more than 15 players.
9) All rule changes must pass by a super majority - 8 owners or more.
10) There are no specific rules against "roster dumping". Owners no longer in a pennant race can use their best judgement in determining the makeup of their team, provided that all general roster size limits are met. However, it is expected that all owners will act in the best interest of the game.
11) All leagues will be set up using the DH.

***8) Example***

For Example, lets say through trades, I have the following picks:

1st round-1
2nd round-2
3rd round-2
4th round-1
5th round-1
6th round-1
7th round-1
8th round-1
9th round-1
10th round-1

In that scenario I can drop 10 guys getting down to 30(and lose the last two picks), drop 11 getting down to 29(and lose my 10th round pick) or drop to 28 and make all the picks.

If I had traded the 9th round pick, this rule kicks in to prevent me from only dropping to 30, making all 10 picks through the 8th round and the other guy still getting my 9th round pick. I would in that case have to drop 11 guys at a minimum.

Stadium rules:

1) Each player will draft a stadium during Round 41 of the Initial Free Agent draft.
2) Stadium draft order will be the reverse of Round 1 of the Inital Free Agent draft.
3) Stadiums are unique and belong to each owner for the duration of the league. There will be no annual or seasonal draft of new stadiums, so choose your stadium wisely. [b]CHANGED

4) Stadiums can only be changed through trade. Players may trade stadiums with other players at any time except while a regular season is in progress.[/b] CHANGED

1. You may use any draft pick within rounds 1-5 of the Spring Free Agent draft to pick a new Stadium. At which time your former Stadium becomes available to everyone else during those rounds.

2. You may change your Stadium through the draft only once every two years...let's say you opt to change your Park in 2013. Then the next time you may draft a different Stadium is in 2015.

3. Nothing changes regarding the trading of Stadiums. You can still take advantage of this rule to acquire a new Stadium. Just that it must be in the "off" season.

Roster rules:

1) Each team must carry no more than a 40 man roster. In the event a transaction sends an owne's roster above the 40 man limit, said owner is allowed 1 day to release as many players as necessary to get back to the 40 man limit. However, if an owner has less than 40 players due to uneven trades, the owner cannot bring his roster to the full 40 until a Free agent draft, whether spring or supplemental (see player movement).

***Amendment to Roster rule #1***In the case of a league member being more than one days time over the 40-man roster limit during an SOM season I will take action to rectify the situation. That action is to cut as many team players as necessary to get back to the 40-man limit. Full discretion of who is cut is left to me, the Commish. Obviously I'll try to cut the least valued player(s) on an over the limit roster but no guarantees. And I'll commence cutting any time after a days time has elapsed since the time of the transaction listed in our league threads.

2) Each team must carry a 25 man league roster during each season.
3) Each will carry a 15 man minor league roster during each season.
4) Each team may add an additional 3 players (to a maximum 28 players) to their MLB roster once game 132 has been played.

AMENDMENT to Roster Rules 2-4 (6/10/2013): You MAY carry up to 28 players on your playing rosters throughout the season.

5) There are no limits to transactions between an owner's major and minor league rosters except those internal to the SOM game engine.
6) Injured players can be kept on a team's major league roster for the duration of their injury. Players promoted to the major league roster as injury replacements must be returned to the minor league roster once the injury has healed. There is a 2-game grace period to return injury replacement players to the minor league roster - this allows each owner to maintain a constant 25 man roster at all times. We will be using the honor system here - please don't keep players beyond their authorized time!
7) Each team is set up with a $200 million dollar roster; all roster transactions will use the 10% Free Agent penalty.
8) The minimum roster size is 30 players. The only exceptions are during the supplemental and free agent draft periods.
9) All teams must meet SOM roster requirements at all times.

Prospect Player rules:

1) The maximum number of prospects allowed on each roster is 10.
2) Prospects are not counted as part of the 40 man roster while they maintain their prospect status.
3) Owners control the rights of their prospects for no longer than 2 years. At the end of 2 years (from time of draft) a prospect must either be promoted to the MLB roster or released.
4) Prospects can be traded, but the 2 year timeline remains constant for each prospect. Prospects moving from one team to another must be promoted or released when the original 2 year cycle has been reached.
5) Prospects can be promoted to the major league roster at any time, provided there is roster space available. Once promoted all prospects lose their prospect status, and cannot be demoted back to prospect status.

Player Movement:[/b]
1) Trading players is authorized and encouraged. The trading of draft picks is also authorized. Unbalanced trades are authorized provided that the 40 man roster limit is maintained at all times; in the event of an unbalanced trade the owner of the team whose roster exceeds the 40 man limit is allowed 1 day to release player(s) to get back to the 40 man limit.
2) There will be no pickups of free agent playersexcept through the Annual and Supplemental Free Agents drafts.
3) Prospects can be activated and promoted to the major league roster during the regulat season provided there is roster space available to do so. Players with a full 40 man roster cannot promote a prospect until there is room available to do so.
4) Regular players on the 40 man roster cannot be released in order to promote a prospect while a season is in progress.
5) Regular players can be released from the 40 man roster only for the following: a) pre-draft release prior to Annual Free Agent draftl b) pre-draft release prior to Supplemental free agent draft; c) to bring a roster down to the 40 man limit as a result of anunbalanced transaction.

Every trade must be posted on our Individual League Chat thread in this EXACT format:

TITLE: Trade Announcement

Thisisdan trades:

Derek Jeter SS
Robinson Cano 2B
1st Round Spring FA Pick
2nd Round Summer Prospect Pick

to (manager) for:

Albert Pujols 1B
Hunter Pence RF/OF
4th Round Spring FA Pick

- Also please PM me your email address ASAP (James Zimmer only one without published email). Any important reminders will be sent out via Email and/or our League Chat.

- It is each individual managers responsibility to check the Individual League Chat (ILC) on a regular basis...Even in the off-season!!

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:36 pm
by viper44
Viper44 is still onboard

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:15 pm
Just checking in. Are we going to play a Season 2?


Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:14 am
by fredpaii
We seem to be in waiting mode. It would be great if our founding Commish, thisisdan, would chime in on whether he'll be continuing with us or not.

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:32 am
by edub1969
fredpaii wrote:It would be great if our founding Commish, thisisdan, would chime in on whether he'll be continuing with us or not.

I agree...we seem to have most of the managers on board. Sknsfan already said he'd take over commish duties so maybe we should put a deadline out there for the missing teams and move on. Those teams that don't respond, we'd have to post an opening for to get filled before we could do the supp draft and so on. IMHO!

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:10 am
by thisisdan26
Sknsfan - Yes
fredpaii Yes
elpasopesos Si I mean Yes
thisisdan26 - Yes
viper44 - Yes
Mr Baseball World
edub1969 - Yes

Alright now that we have the permanent boards up and running we can start back up with league business. Please Check in for the Supp draft and Season 2. We will start the Supp draft next this Friday with NO CLOCK in the 1st round. Check in's must be completed by Thursday @ Midnight

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:25 am
Yeehaw.........Dan is back!

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:52 pm
by jmlopp
Do we have to post drops for the Supplimental draft?


Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:22 pm
by fredpaii
What are we waiting for now? Mbertollli appears to be the only one not coming back. how long do we need to give him?

In other news, I'm putting Matt Joyce on the trade market. My first preference is a Catcher that hits for a good batting average.

Re: Pesos de beisbol league

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:48 am
by fredpaii
I wanted to update my last post regarding Joyce being on the market. He still is but I'm also looking for a "1" rated shortstop. I'm willing to give both Joyce and Allen Craig in exchange...along with Yunel Escobar. I would make the deal for Alcides Esccobar. Not sure who has him.