Major League Baseball 73 Select Your Franchise

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Major League Baseball 73 Select Your Franchise

PostThu Jan 21, 2021 5:14 pm


1. Please enter league with your member name as your team name. After the league is filled Strat-O-Matic will randomly place each manager into a division and they will also determine the draft selection order. Where your name is placed in the divisions will determine when you choose a franchise. Example: Eastern 1 is selection #1, Eastern 4 is selection #4, Central 3 is selection #7, Western 4 is selection #12. The franchises are numbered 1-12 and you can view the list of teams in the front office page before making your franchise selection. The draft will occur approximately 24 hours after franchises are determined.

2. After franchises are determined you must select your team name and your manager name from your list of teams, no combinations or abbreviation of names are allowed. You may have only one opportunity to make changes on your own, a second attempt may have to be executed by customer service.

3. Please select your team's home park from the list of different stadiums available for your clubs. Your team and your home park doesn't have to be the same, as long as one of your teams played their home games in your selected stadium.

4. A player that is exclusive to one club and is valued at 8 million or more must be selected during the 25 round draft if you want to include them on your roster. If you fail to draft the cards must stay in free agency until game 81 has played. Example: If you fail to draft one team only Tony Gwynn of the San Diego Padres in the 25 rounds of the draft then he is ineligible for the first 81 games of the season.

5. Please draft your roster with 25 player cards that have played in one or more games during their major league career with one of the teams from your selected franchise or with a Negro League Star.

Baseball Reference is a very detailed website, I think you will find it helpful with your research.

6. The Negro League cards are available beginning with the thirteenth draft pick (first pick of the second round) the exception being if they have played a regular season game with one of the major league teams from your list. If they meet these qualifications you must select the Negro League Star during the first round, if you do not the card becomes eligible for all clubs during second round and you lose the exclusive rights.

7. After the draft if you have a player that is eligible for your club and is also eligible for another franchise in the league and the same is true for the player your acquiring then a trade is allowed.

8. Players injured during a series must serve the the entirety of the injury or if you choose you may release player into free agency. If your player is eligible for other teams they must acquire card showing the current injury, after injury is completed then all seasons are available.

By joining you agree that you have read and will follow league rules.

1 Hour Clock / No Waivers / 250 Million Cap / 10% Player Release / DH Rule in Effect

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